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12 sep 2017 (2 weeks ago) , door: Nadia van der Pool

International Classroom Knowledge Series

The International Classroom Knowledge Series (ICKS) is a programme of lectures, workshops and seminars designed for VU faculty and staff members involved in international curriculum and classroom development. Within the ICKS, the VU International Office and KnowVU provide comprehensive background knowledge, share best practices and latest updates, and offer room for thought-provoking discussions. Best practices are also shared on the online KnowVU International Classroom Knowledge Platform.

ICKS Events 2016-2017

♦   Peer-to-Peer Meeting: “Internationalisation of the curriculum” (3 November 2016) | Two best practices were shared: the internationalisation of MSc Marketing and the internationalisation of BSc Literature and Society. […more information and presentations]

♦  Expert meetings in international teaching with Mrs. Jude Carroll (19 January 2016). […more information and presentations]

♦   Workshop: “Inclusive teaching with international students” (28 March 2017) […more information and registration]

♦   Session: “Relation between International Campus and Student Recruitment” (info and date will follow)

♦   Conference: Master’s Admission for a diverse international classroom […Call for Proposals and registration]

Best practices at the VU

Rethinking the MSc Marketing
Learn how Program Director Jaap Boter (FEWEB) has restructured and repositioned the MSc Marketing and adopted among others the international classroom concept to guide this endeavor.

♦   News article: VUnet
♦   Slide cast:

Currently, the program is involved in a pilot as a preparation for the NVAO Distinctive Quality Feature Internationalisation and the ECA Certificate for Quality in Internationalization application. The outcome of this pilot, which is carried out in close cooperation with the VU International Office and the VU Steering Committee on the Quality of Education, will serve as good practice and will be shared on this platform in due time.

Mastermind Europe project
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is consortium leader of the Mastermind Europe project. This project responds to the need for more graduate mobility both within and towards Europe and to the need to accommodate more diverse applicants for a truly international classroom. […read more]

Some references

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Relevant knowledge platforms

♦   The Good Practices in Internationalisation Platform is an online platform managed by the NVAO (Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders). The platform includes good practices assessed by the NVAO within the framework of the Internationalisation as a Distinctive Quality Feature (‘Bijzonder Kenmerk Internationalisering’).

♦   The European Consortium for Accreditation in higher education (ECA) is an association of recognised accreditation and quality assurance agencies in Europe. The ECA manages the Internationalisation Platform, an online platform providing among others good practices in internationalization and information on Dutch programs awarded an ECA Certificate for Quality in Internationalisation (CeQuInt).

♦   The University of Groningen has adopted the International Classroom concept as a key element in its Strategic Plan 2015-2020. Since April 2013, the university has been running the “International Classroom” project to realise comprehensive internationalization by making degree programmes truly international and to use the diversity of an international classroom as a resource, with adequate support for both students and staff. The International Campus project’s website provides tools, expertise and a platform to enhance and support teaching and learning in a multilingual and multicultural environment.

Contribute to the International Campus Knowledge Platform

Do you have good practices of classroom internationalization to share with peer faculty and staff members through the online Knowledge Platform? Or suggestions for topics for future meetings related to classroom or curriculum internationalization? Would you actively like to contribute to the International Classroom knowledge community?

Let’s meet! Contact the VU International Office: Annemarie van Vliet, project manager a.i. International Campus,, 020-5986560, to discuss the possibilities.