Maikel Wijtmans

Maikel Wijtmans
Faculteit der B├Ętawetenschappen

Afdeling: Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Functie: Assistant Professor
Certificering: BKO

Dr. Maikel Wijtmans has an interest in chemistry and in educational innovation, and preferably in a combination of both. The focus in his educational innovation efforts is on the use of IT tools to stimulate active learning and he has been exploring several of such approaches since 2010. Within the chemistry context, Maikel hails from an Organic Chemistry background. He graduated from Radboud University Nijmegen in August 1998 and subsequently worked at DSM Research as a temporary researcher on biocatalysis and organic oxidants until June 1999. Thereafter he moved to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, USA where he started his PhD on organic ligands for nanocrystals and on the development of novel antioxidants. After completion of his PhD work in 2003, he returned to the Netherlands where he joined the Division of Medicinal Chemistry (VUA) as a postdoctoral fellow. During the next few years, he participated in various projects involving e.g. the development of histamine- and chemokine-receptor ligands as well as the study of derivatization reagents for ESI-MS techniques. In 2009, he was appointed assistant professor of Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry. His current research interests involve the design and synthesis of compounds that are of interest in biological contexts.

  • 2013-2016: National Academic Chemistry Teacher
  • 2017 FEW Teaching Innovation Award: readily accessible technology for Virtual Reality in (bio)molecular education
  • 2017 VU Grassroots IT in Education Award: readily accessible technology for Virtual Reality in (bio)molecular education
  • 2015 VU Grassroots IT in Education Award: the use of Clipquest as learning analytics tool for blended learning
  • 2014 VU Grassroots IT in Education Award: merging Presentain and MyMediasite software: a broadly applicable platform for recording editable weblectures during classes
  • 2010: VU Grassroots IT in Education Award: the use of 3D beaming technology in a master course Organic Chemistry

Virtual Reality in Chemistry Education; Blended Learning; Flipped Classroom

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