Teaching statistical methods using online learning environments
26 mrt 2015

Inzending KnowVU Award 2015:

Door: D. Pavlopoulos – UD Sociologie, FSW

Dimitris Pavlopoulos


Activation and exercising is an important component of teaching statistical methods. In statistical courses, students are confronted with a lot of new material that requires time and effort to be effectively absorbed. So far, the lecturers of these courses have been relying on the assignments and exercises that are provided by the publishers of the books that we are using. Most importantly, the traditional form of exercises placed at the end of each chapter has been replaced by intelligent online learning environments (MyMathXL and Webassign) where students can access exercises and practice in an interactive way by getting feedback and sometimes also advice during answering the exercises. In these online environments, students were also asked to make tests that count for their grade. However, the use of such online learning environments has serious disadvantages that make them less attractive and practically impossible to become integral parts of the statistical courses.

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