Expert meetings in international teaching with Mrs. Jude Carroll (UK)
20 jan 2017

In January 2017, KnowVU and the International Office organised the second event of the International Classroom Knowledge Series. This time the meeting featured Mrs. Jude Carroll, an expert in international teaching from the UK (see her publications). Jude Carroll gave three workshops.


Workshop I: The impact of international mobility on teaching and learning | View presentation

The first workshop deals with the impact of having international students in the classroom beyond the fact that instruction is in English. Subjects such as plagiarism, student participation, academic cultural differences, inclusive teaching, and assessing diverse students are covered.

Handout: A group project with a grade – what would need to be in the program


Workshop II: Defining international learning outcomes | View presentation

An international curriculum requires international learning outcomes. This workshop helps you to define them.
Tools and guidance:

Some guidance on writing learning outcomes
Tools for rewriting learning outcomes to make them more international


Workshop III: Language in the international classroom | View presentation

Many of our students and teachers are not native English speakers and need to develop their English language proficiency. Strategies and tools to do so are discussed, as well as handling differences in proficiency in the classroom, increasing confidence and effectiveness of teachers, entry requirements, etc.


Tools for Teaching in an Educationally Mobile World

Download Mrs. Carroll’s book, Tools for Teaching in an Educationally Mobile World, at Taylor & Francis eBooks

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