Mastermind Europe project
12 sep 2017

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is consortium leader of the Mastermind Europe project. This project responds to the need for more graduate mobility both within and towards Europe and to the need to accommodate more diverse applicants for a truly international classroom.

However, coping with this new level of diversity of applicants is not easy and Master’s coordinators need the tools and expertise to match these new realities and to successfully recruit the right kind of students to their programmes.

This is the stringent need that the Mastermind Europe project is addressing. The project primarily consists of developing tools and resources that can support academic directors of Master’s programmes that are interested to transition from an admission system and practice centred on diploma recognition, to one giving more room to the assessment of competencies.

The project addresses an essential and urgent aspect of the Bologna Process transformation, which has hitherto received little attention in Europe. It builds on the trend towards more competence and learning outcome-oriented education and applies that concretely on the pertinent problem of diverse admissions. It operates on the crossroads of “Master’s education in the Bologna structure” and “internationalisation / globalisation”. The project gives a specifically European answer to a problem that has arisen within European higher education and will grow in importance in the coming years.

Further information on Mastermind Europe can be obtained by contacting Kees Kouwenaar, senior advisor international strategy/project manager Mastermind Europe at the VU International Office (phone: +31 20 59 89093 / e-mail:

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