Adding the third dimension to teaching models
24 nov 2017

Submission KnowVU Award 2017 – fall edition

By: Kei Ogata (Beta)

I propose to set up a 3D Photoscanning and Photogrammetry Laboratory to provide VU in-house service and support to the development of 3D models for education and related activities, including basic research. By using commercial structure-from-motion software packages, any set of partially-overlapping sequential images (i.e. collected step-wise in order to cover the target from all view angles) acquired with normal cameras of a three-dimensional object can be converted in a full, rectified 3D model accessible from any type of device (e.g., smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.). Through 3D representation, compelling datasets such as fragile or degradable, dangerous or bulky samples, remote geologic outcrops, or rare historical artifacts can be easily collected, stored and accessed digitally at any time and in any context, from the classroom to the field.

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