Making Statistics accessible to everyone
24 nov 2017

Inzending KnowVU Award 2017 – najaar

Dimitris Pavlopoulos


Door: Dimitris Pavlopoulos en Ineke Nagel (FSW)

The aim of this project is to increase students’ mastery of Statistics by allowing frequent and customized testing with a new online tool that includes 600 questions of various types in introductory Statistics. This online tool covers all the topics that are discussed in courses of introductory statistics at the VU and draws examples from all the main disciplines that include statistics in their curriculum. The questions will be organized according to their topic and level of difficulty, and supported by text feedback and knowledge clips. This tool will allow lecturers to integrate an online component to their course that provides ample opportunities for student training. Ultimately it will assist lecturers to level up the knowledge and skills of students but it can also stimulate students with an interest in methods and statistics to increase their level.


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