Quick Secure Digital Quiz Deployment with Safe Exam Browser
28 nov 2017

Winner GrassRoots 2017 – fall edition:

By: Mahmood Shafeie Zargar (SBE)

In this project we want to test the Safe Exam Browser to enable us to flexibly and quickly conduct weekly secure digital exams for yearly 350 students for our course Business Intelligence & Analytics. After the initial configuration, this browser can be easily configured and customized for each exam by the instructors. Like the other lockdown browsers, SEB runs in the user space and eliminates the need for policy settings while allowing us to precisely define what students can and cannot do on their computers during an exam– Whether they are using a school workstation or their own personal computer. The main advantage of SEB over the other solution is its support for third party applications running during the exam without compromising security, what makes it an ideal solution for administering computer-based exams of software or analytics skills (e.g. R, Tableau, etc.).
This project helps us to decrease the technically-laden exam anxiety for students for taking these quizzes and to increase flexibility, speed and accuracy in exam deployment. It also allows us to integrate the existing computer-based exam solutions such as QMP and Canvas Quizzes within our exam environment in a secure manner and with little overhead for in-class quizzes and exams.

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