Blended Learning
09 okt 2018

Karen Verduijn and Luuk Terbeek present their elaboration of the IXANext program ‘Blended Learning pilots’, for which they have designed both a course and a community: The Entrepreneurship Blended Learning Pilot Community (EBLPC). The EBLPC program has a duration of five years, currently we are in the third year.

Pilot in blended learning

Blended learning is the combination of online (lecture material) and offline (personal contact) educational activities within a course or curriculum. This is in particular suitable for entrepreneurship education, in which experiential learning is central and the need for knowledge is highly context-dependent.

Designing & Developing Blended Learning

A number of the assignments from the EBLPC program are also part of the online VU Amsterdam Canvas course: Getting To Know Canvas (GTKC). During the second part of this session, you will work on the basis of these assignments to get started with the (re) design of one of your courses and / or you will be introduced to the VU Amsterdam Blended Learning in 10 steps guide and you will learn about what is involved is the (re) design and development of effective blended learning programs, how costs can be made legitimate, why open educational resources deserve (more) attention, how peer teaching can be designed and which 10 questions should be included as standard within student evaluation forms.

View presentation here: KnowVU Teaching Café Blended Learning



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