VU Teaching Café – Active Learning in the Collaborative Classroom
19 nov 2018

During this session of the VU Teaching Café, teachers experienced the possibilities offered by a Collaborative Classroom. This Classroom supports a mix of online and face-to-face activities with the WeConnect platform integration, facilitating a number of active learning scenario’s. The Collaborative Classroom is located in the John Stuart Mill college, on the fourth floor of the Main Building. PPE teacher Brian Colgan shared his experiences with this classroom and Erik Boon, consultant at the Audiovisual Centre, introduced the functional and technical features. The participants were invited to bring there own mobile devices to participate actively in the session to experience the use themselves.

For the slides from this informative session you can click on the link below;


VU Teaching Cafe – Collaborative Classroom in Practice, Brian Colgan

VU Teaching Café Collaboration Classroom, Erik Boon

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