Workshop Collaborative Online International Learning
14 dec 2018

On 13 December 2018, KnowVU organised an inspiring meeting on Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL).

COIL offers a way for groups of students from different countries to work together in courses within a particular study program.  Collaboration could be by two groups from two countries, mixed groups from different countries but it could also be much more extensive. The intention is that the groups stay “at home” and collaborate at a distance. It is a form of virtual exchange.

Topic of a COIL course could be a particular societal problem that needs to be analyzed from different (cultural) perspectives, a course with expert input from different institutions, a course to solve a particular multidisciplinary problem etc.

The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Université Grenoble Alps (UGA) are working towards a pilot for this virtual exchange. The Department of Sociology of the VU aims to develop a first COIL session in the 1st or 2nd semester of 2019 with Sociology or English language students at Université Grenoble Alpes.

In the inspiring meeting on 13 December, the teachers of the VU and UGA met to discuss the possibilities. Ideas have been exchanged about course set-ups and topics that students could work on.

The meeting started with a presentation of Simone Hacket of the Hague University of Applied Science who has hands-on experience with COIL. After the presentation, VU and UGA presented their preliminary ideas and participants of the meeting  joined in to co-create together and think of ways how to develop similar virtual exchanges themselves.


Have a look at the promotional video of COIL and Simone Hackett’s slides to get inspired yourself!


Promotional video – COIL

COIL presentation Simone Hackett

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