Testimonial for “Mixed Classroom in Practice” | Marrije Prins
08 feb 2019 (2 weeks ago)

Marrije Prins – Coordinator Recruitment and  International Classroom International Bachelor Social Cultural Antropology


What I like most about the Mixed Classroom in Practice series is the sharing of knowledge, expertise and inspiration on the topic of diversity. Although we all, within the VU, deal with diversity on a daily basis, we might not all be fully aware of its intricacies and influence on our ability to create an inclusive (learning) environment. I have experienced, first as a participant and later as a co-trainer, how the set-up of this workshop series enables VU professionals, coming in from all faculties, to first reflect on their practice and later design interventions for its improvement. In a pleasant and safe atmosphere participants are stimulated to share their knowledge, experience and sometimes difficult questions, which inspires them to help each other in ‘dealing with diversity’. In that sense this series practices what it preaches by utilizing the diversity within the group of participants to further the development of its participants.

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