About KnowVU

The VU Teaching Knowledge Network (KnowVU) is an initiative by participants of the first edition (2013-2014) of the course on Educational Leadership, and lecturers who obtained the Senior Teaching Qualification (Senior Kwalificatie Onderwijs). The network’s most important aim is sharing knowledge about education; learning from each other, discussing education, and seeking or giving advice.

As a member, you will receive teaching information, but you will also be asked to share your teaching knowledge. We kindly request that all our members create a personal profile, so other members can find out more about your area of expertise.

KnowVU Board

The Teaching network is being directed by the following Board members:

Gerhard van de Bunt

Gerhard van de Bunt (chair)

Nadia van der Pool

Nadia van der Pool (project officer)

KnowVU ambassadors at the faculties

Only one and a half years after it’s founding, the amount of KnowVU members rose to the level where an expansion of the organisational structure was needed. Starting the 31st of May 2016, every faculty of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has one or more KnowVU ambassadors:

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Nelleke Moser

Nelleke Moser (LET)

Edwin Koster

Edwin Koster (WB)

Jacqueline van Muijlwijk-Koezen

Jacqueline van Muijlwijk-Koezen (EW)

Lothar Kuijper

Lothar Kuijper (ALW)     

Theo de Haan

Theo de Haan (BW)

Leonore de Wit

Leonore de Wit (PSY)

Mariette Huizinga

Mariëtte Huizinga (PED)

Ines Lindner

Ines Lindner

Jos Akkermans

Jos Akkermans

Inge van Wijk

Inge van Wijk

Denise van Diermen

Denise van Diermen

Hedwig van Rossum

Hedwig van Rossum

Anne-Marie Slotboom

Anne-Marie Slotboom (CRIMI)

Gerdien Bertram-Troost

Gerdien Betram-Troost

Anita van Hoof

Anita van Hoof  

Michiel van Drunen

Michiel van Drunen

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