GrassRoots & KnowVU Award

New round KnowVU Award and GrassRoots

Are you a teacher at the VU Amsterdam, the VUmc or ACTA, and do you have a great teaching idea that improves the quality of your course or your study programme? Or can the entire university benefit from your teaching idea? Apply for a GrassRoots grant or the KnowVU Award!

Applications can be submitted now, up and until 9 November 2018. When the deadline has passed, the best teaching ideas will be selected by the jury. The selection will be announced on 15 November at the latest.


Apply for the KnowVU Award or GrassRoots 2018 – fall


To prepare your application, feel free to use the application format.

Three candidates will be nominated for the KnowVU Award. These nominees will be invited to pitch their teaching idea at the Pitch Round on 22 November 2018.

For de GrassRoots grant, two winners will be selected. These GrassRoots winners present their projects at the Pitch Round too.



About the GrassRoots and KnowVU Award

Starting 2017, the application procedures for the GrassRoots (granted by the ICT & Education Advisory Council) and the KnowVU Award (by KnowVU) are merged into a single procedure. With a GrassRoots grant or KnowVU Award, teachers are given the opportunity to develop new teaching ideas, helping to renew and improve their teaching. The table below summarizes the main characteristics of the two teaching grants.



for small scale ICT-projects

KnowVU Award

for broadly deployable teaching ideas

Grant €1000,- €5000,-
Number of nominees all candidates 3 candidates per round
Number of laureates 5 maximum per year

(spring edition: 3, fall edition: 2)

2 maximum per year (1 per round)
Kind of project

An experiment with an ICT application, aiming to improve the teaching quality in a course or in a programme.

More information about the GrassRoots

A teaching innovation that is suitable for more than one course, potentially for more than one programme and ideally for more than one faculty

More information about the KnowVU Award


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