Applications for the KnowVU Awards and GrassRoots 2019 are closed!


Application procedure and nomination for KnowVU Awards
From Monday 9th September up to and including Friday 11th October 2019 at the latest, teachers from the VU, VUmc and ACTA submitted their education ideas. By doing this they competed for the Jury prize of the KnowVU Award, which consisted of €7,500,- and 50 hours of assistance to be delivered by student assistants of the VU Education Lab, and for the Public prize of €2,500,-. Candidates were informed of the selection on Thursday 17th October. Selected candidates explained their idea by means of a short video clip. For the production of the clips, they got support from student assistants of the VU Education Lab. The clips were online on Friday 25th October after which there was time for the public to vote.


Nomination procedure GrassRoots
Five candidates were selected for the GrassRoots and each of them won €1.000,- . The winners are invited to present their winning idea at a specific time that is yet to be agreed on.

Application format KnowVU Award and Grassroots


Award ceremony
The award ceremony of the KnowVU Awards and the Grassroots took place on Thursday 7th November 2019, during the Networkevent in the 3D room on the VU Campus.

In a friendly and relaxed setting, prizes were awarded for submitted proposed educational innovations.

The GrassRoots winners are:

  • Renske Bouwer, FGB: Grip on your writing process with the Writing Machine: tools for the self-regulation of academic writing
  • Jorick Houtkamp en Anneke Vuuregge, Bètafaculteit: Short slidecasts: towards more active development of writing skills
  • Oscar Carreres Talens, ACTA: Learning From Motor Skills In Dentistry Teaching

The three winners each received an amount of €1.000,- for implementing their ICT idea.

KnowVU award winner, Carlo Ierna, was pleasantly surprised with his prize of € 7.500,- and 50 hours of assistance from student assistants of the VU Education Lab. His idea Reverse Engineering the Canon was unanimously chosen by the KnowVU jury as an innovative and exciting project to look at philosophy in a whole new way.

Of course it was thrilling to see who would win the KnowVU Audience Award, especially because the public was allowed to decide in favour of it. In the previous week, approximately 600 votes were cast in total for the three proposals. The majority of the voters chose the project idea Publish and Flourish! by Danny Scholten and Maikel Wijtmans. They received the prize of € 2.500,- for their idea.

The runner-up in the audience award was Pieter van Beukering’s proposal.


About the GrassRoots and KnowVU Award
Since 2017, the GrassRoots (presented by the ICT and Education Advisory Council) and the KnowVU Award (presented by KnowVU) have been combined into a single stimulation process for teachers who want to renew and improve their education. The GrassRoots and the KnowVU Award remain two different educational awards for projects that are still to be developed. However, the procedures for registration, selection and presentation have been combined. See below the differences between the two education prizes.



Small-scale ICT experiments

KnowVU Award

Cross-curricular education project

Stimulation 5 x €1000,-Jury prize: €7.500,- + 50 hours of student-assistance; Public price: €2.500,-
Number of nominees All candidates3 candidates
Number of winners Maximum 5 per yearMaximum 1 per year
Type of idea Education experiment:

Trying out of an ICT application to improve the quality of education at a professional or education level.

More information about the GrassRoots
Education project:

A cross-curricular, potentially cross-education and ideally cross-faculty idea to improve education.

More information about the KnowVU Award


During recent years many teachers have submitted and implemented great education ideas. Click on the buttons below to view all contributions  selected by the jury, including the winning ideas.

Is your education idea already there? If not, you can submit on the next round!



Other education prizes
In addition to the KnowVU Award and the GrassRoots, there are numerous other education incentive prizes.


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