GrassRoots are grants for small-scale ICT projects with ready-to-use results for teaching and learning. With a GrassRoots project, teachers can improve their teaching in a way that resonates with their personal ideas and preferences. GrassRoots are primarily meant for teachers with limited experience with ICT application in their teaching, or for teachers who want to experiment with new applications or with new technological pedagogies. The used technology and pedagogy do not necessarily have to be brand new or innovative for the VU Amsterdam. It can, for example, be a specific functionality of the Learning Management System (Blackboard or Canvas), or it can involve Web2.0 tools, it can involve developing or using Open Educational Resources (MOOCs, open text books) or new professional software tools, etc.

By providing a small remuneration (for example buy software), the ICT & Teaching Advisory Board motivates teachers to implement their innovation and share their experiences with the VU community.


  1. The measure in which the application of ICT leads to an improvement of the quality of the course or programme.
  2. The measure in which the ICT(tool) is new for the applicant, or the measure in which the application of the tool is new for the course or programme; the innovation does not have to be groundbreaking.
  3. The measure in which the added value of the ICT(tool) in the pedagogy or content of the course/programme is clear.
  4. The measure in which concrete educational materials or concrete pedagogical approaches are used or delivered.
  5. The measure in which the educational materials or pedagogical approaches are applied during the duration of the project.
  6. The measure in which the proposals can offer advantages for other programmes and courses.

The project is feasible by using standard ICT tools offered by the VU or free Web2.0 tools. Extra appreciation is for projects in which so-called Open Educational Resources will be used or developed.



  1. A maximum of 5 proposals per year will be awarded the Grassroots funding of €1000,-.
  2. Only proposals submitted before the submission deadline will be eligible for the selection process of the Grassroots Spring edition. The exact dates and form of submission can be found on the Website of KnowVU and VUnet.
  3. There will be no correspondening with the jury.
  4. Teachers who are granted the Grassroots funding, are obligated to produce a fact sheet en to present their winning project at least at 2 occasions. The first presentation will be a poster presentation at the KnowVU Award Pitch Round.
  5. Only after the project period has ended and Grassroots conditions and criteria are met, the funding will be made payable.



The internet provides a large array of inspirational sources regarding teaching innovation with use of ICT resourses.  A few examples:

  1. Grassroots VU: en
  2. Grassroots UvA:
  3. Grassroots HvA:
  4. The Modern Professional Learner’s Toolkit:
  5. 25 Killer Sites For Free Online Education:
  6. Open Text Books:

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