VU Philosophy on Education in Practice

On May 19 2015, the Executive Board VU University adopted the VU Philosophy on Education in Practice, published by the VU Education Knowledge Network (KnowVU).

Prior to the adoption of this philosophy, discussions were held within various advisory bodies and with lecturers and students.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Philosophy on Education in Practice by KnowVU
One of KnowVU’s first projects was drawing up a practical version of the Educational Vision, which would serve as a tool to help implement the educational vision in the educational practice.

The document clearly explains VU Amsterdam’s philosophy, what makes us unique and sets us apart from other universities and the type of behaviour and attitude we expect from our students, lecturers and the organization as a whole. The document is intended as a guide for everyone studying and working at VU Amsterdam.

VU Amsterdam’s three core values – responsible, open and personally engaged – are the guiding principles in implementing the practical Educational Vision. The Educational Vision is based on three overarching themes: academic citizenship, diversity and social relevance. Three roles are separately discussed in each theme: the role of the student, the role of the lecturer and the role of the organization.

Follow-up actions
Now that the Educational Vision has been finalized and translated into a document for practical application, it is time that it finds its way into our organization’s blood.

Now that the Educational Vision has been worked out in greater detail, it will also have a place in all University Teaching Qualification courses and individual programmes and will be brought to the attention of students and employees via brochures and websites.

Development and text

Gerhard van de Bunt

Gerhard van de Bunt (FSW)

Inge van Wijk

Inge van Wijk (VUmc)

Joke van Saane

Joke van Saane (FGG)

Marjolein Zweekhorst

Marjolein Zweekhorst (BETA)

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