Philipp Pattberg

Philipp Pattberg
Faculteit der B├Ętawetenschappen

Afdeling: Institute for Environmental Studies - Department of Environmental Policy Analysis
Functie: Hoogleraar
Certificering: SKO

I am professor of transnational environmental governance and policy at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands. My specialization is the study of global environmental politics, with a focus on climate change governance, biodiversity, forest and ocean governance, transnational relations, public-private partnerships, network theory and institutional analysis. I am involved in five teaching programs at VU: the Master Environment and Resource Management (ERM, Beta faculty); the Master specialization Global Environmental Change and Policy (Master Earth Sciences, Beta faculty); the Master specialization Global Environmental Governance (Master Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences); and the PPE program.

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Meta-study on teaching sustainability, including text book

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