Geert Schenk

Geert Schenk
Faculteit der B├Ętawetenschappen

Afdeling: Anatomy & Neurosciences
Functie: Assitant Prof. / UD
Certificering: SKO

As a neuroscientist I am passionate about the brain. Two central research questions that keep me busy are 1) How does multiple sclerosis start? 2) What happens in the brain at a cellular and molecular level when (MS) patients show imaging-measured network changes and concomitant cognitive deterioration? I am also particularly passionate about education. As such I am involved in teaching (neuro)anatomy and neuroscientific subjects in a variety of bachelors and masters programmes, including 'Hersenen en zintuigen' ('Brain and senses'; BSc Medicine) and 'From molecule to mind' (MSc Neurosciences) as course coordinator. Recently I have started to explore the possibilities for establishing an interdiscilplinary anatomical skills lab that aims to connect students of different educational backgroundsacross faculties.

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