Danny Scholten

Danny Scholten
Faculteit der B├Ętawetenschappen

Email: d.j.scholten@vu.nl
Afdeling: Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Functie: Lecturer
Certificering: BKO (UTQ)

Dr. Danny Scholten studied Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Discovery & Safety at the VU, after which he performed his PhD research in Medicinal Chemistry in the context of Top Institute Pharma. In 2014 he switched to education and became next to lecturer in Pharmaceutical Sciences also coordinator of educational innovation and internship coordinator. Danny is very much focused to incorporate technological/educational innovations in different bachelor and master programmes of the department (e.g. blended learning, flipping-the-classroom) to improve e.g. student and lecturer performance and satisfaction

  • 2015 - VU Grassroots IT in Education Award: the use of Clipquest as learning analytics tool for blended learning
  • 2014 - VU Grassroots IT in Education Award: merging Presentain and MyMediasite software: a broadly applicable platform for recording editable weblectures during classes

- Blended learning in different courses of the bachelorprogram Pharmaceutical Sciences, e.g. Cellular Biochemistry, Molecular Principles, Structure & (Re)activity, Principles of Pharmaceutical Sciences - Didactic implementation of technologies, including slidecasts, weblectures, pencasts, selfreflection using swivl videorobot, etc.

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